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Our Services

Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation consists of a group of steps you can take to protect your home from the damages high-speed winds can cause while saving money on your homeowner’s insurance at the same time! Morenos Inspections’ Wind Mitigation Inspection will let you know what actions may still be necessary, or it can show that you’ve already done your part as a homeowner to safeguard your most important investment, making you eligible for whatever incentives your insurance company may provide.

4 Point Inspection

If you own an older home, many Florida insurance companies will require a 4-Point Inspection before granting or renewing your homeowner’s insurance. This is a shorter home inspection that covers four main components: the HVAC systems, the roof, the plumbing, and the electrical system.

Roof Certification

If your roof has leaks, visible damage, or is not considered to have a remaining life of 3 years or more, insurance companies are likely to declare that your home is uninsurable. Let us inspect your roof for any signs of defects that should be addressed in order to provide you with the information necessary in order to obtain the insurance policy you need.


Our Inspector

Esequiel Moreno

Real Estate Inspector

Esequiel Moreno, Certified Inspector for the entire Area from North Port Richie to Naples, speaks English and Spanish fluently, has a lot of experience in the middle and has carried out an immense amount of inspections always providing all his Clients with his great speed, his immense experience and excellent prices for these efficient services.